Best Bar to Collapse at After Climbing Mt. Diablo by Accident

Ed's Mudville Grill


For overambitious hikers, Ed’s Mudville Grill is a place to cool the
tired dogs. Located in downtown Clayton at the corner of Center and Old
Marsh Creek Road, Ed’s is perfectly situated for an after-hike beer or
three, when one has stomped up and down the north side of Mt. Diablo.
The bar is a truly local joint, a dark wooden interior jammed with
suburbanites glued to the myriad sports screens stationed inside. But
don’t let that cause a fright. Step outside onto the deck with your
beer and nachos or BBQ tri-tip sandwich, where Ed’s is an entirely
different experience. Mayberry RFD has nothing on this. Gaze out over
the town square, listen to the crickets singing, and keep an eye out
for raptors or angry blue jays. An added bonus is that Ed’s has its own
line of Red Hook beer, brewed especially for the bar: Ed’s Mudville
Grill Pale Ale, just the thing for a hot afternoon. They also have
locally brewed Black Diamond Mine Brewery’s Blond, Amber, and Pale Ale.