Best Architectural Repurposing



What to do with a cavernous old auto building when the industry moves
elsewhere? Why, turn it into an art-filled restaurant, of
course. With the decline of the domestic auto industry, Mua may
very well become the template for creative repurposings on Broadway’s
Auto Row. Now a hip restaurant/bar/lounge featuring resident DJs
and butternut squash mac-n-cheese, Mua was once Oakland Rim and Wheel.
Owner Hisuk Dong made the smart decision to retain the look and feel of
the old shop, keeping the concrete walls, where Dong’s own paintings
(of what appear to be troubled horses) now hang. The high ceilings
and open space work to the restaurant’s advantage, conveying a grandeur
that can’t be matched by a more conventional restaurant space. The old
“Oakland M & N” signage remains on the building’s front, juxtaposed
next to the restaurant’s slick new graffiti lettering.