Best Afghan Restaurant

De Afghanan Kabob House


In a city often dominated by numerous Indian and Pakistani restaurants, it’s surprising but also welcoming to find an Afghan establishment. Close to Pakistani in style and menu options, De Afghanan Kabbob offers many vegetarian options with eggplant and pumpkin; the pumpkin dishes, specifically the kadoo challow, have a fresh and not-too-spicy flavor that leaves you satisfied. As with its sister cuisines from the region, naan is a staple served at the restaurant, but there are also kebabs that leave your mouth watering; the chicken option is juicy, tender, and delicious. With reasonable prices (most entrées run $7.99 to $13), a relaxed ambiance (no alcohol is served), soothing music playing in the background, and a kind and helpful staff, De Afghanan Kabob House is a great place for a date.