Berkeley Schools Roll Dice, Approve “Obama/MLK” Mural Despite Risks


The Berkeley School District has approved plans for a new mural at King Middle School, depicting President Obama and his family, linking their story to the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.

Big deal right?

Well it is for Berkeley Unified. The last time BUSD painted over a mural on the side of one of it’s buildings it got sued by the artist, civil rights attorney and former Motherfucker, Osha Neuman.

Neuman was able to permanently save a sliver of his original masterpiece in a compromise that some in the neighborhood, according to the School District’s public information officer Mark Coplan, refer to as a “really horrific mural… that we can’t seem to get rid of.” Unless of course Coplan was referring to the other controversial mural at the very same school.

This time, the PTA at King Middle School has provided the district with written permission to paint over the “Obama” mural when and if it sees fit.