BART Cops Too Ashamed to Identify Themselves?


In the wake of the black eye BART received after one of its cops fatally shot an unarmed passenger in the back, BART police chief Gary Gee has removed the word “BART” from the shoulder patches of officers’ uniforms. According to the Chron, instead of saying, “BART Police” in bold letters, the new patches only say “Police,” surrounded by a barely readable “Bay Area Rapid Transit” spelled out in very small letters. In other words, BART is attempting to downplay whom its cops work for. The agency, which is facing a huge deficit and plans to raise fares next month, spent $2,500 on the new patches. BART board member Lynette Sweet called the move “one of the stupidest things I’ve heard.” Agency spokesman Linton Johnson said the new patches were in the works before BART cop Johannes Mehserle shot Oscar Grant to death, but you gotta wonder how Gee continues to keep his job.