.Will Butler

Dec 16, 2014

News Media Ignores Black Protests

At about 9 p.m. on December 6, shoppers at Trader Joe's in Berkeley heard a crash, then another and another, as white men in...
Sep 26, 2012

Ryan Hemsworth

With taste and attention to detail far beyond his years, Ryan Hemsworth is the type of producer who can compile the most obscure and...
Sep 12, 2012

The xx

The xx's self-titled debut was one of the most satisfying musical surprises of 2009. Less than a year after forming, the band recorded an...
Sep 12, 2012

Digital Music Midterms

There's little argument anymore: The most effective way to distribute your music is online. But if you're an artist who has slaved away to...
Sep 12, 2012

Local Licks

Sean Hayes, Before We Turn to Dust Sean Hayes has been making music locally for years, but Before We Turn to Dust is the most...
Sep 5, 2012

Animal Collective

There was a petri-dish period, around ten years ago, when Animal Collective thrived on its fervid fan base alone. To be a connoisseur of...
Aug 29, 2012


Jasper Patterson, aka Groundislava, has been grinding away at his beats for a few years, but it's not until now that he's generated a...
Jun 27, 2012

Ty Segall Band

To those accustomed to waiting two, three, or even seven years between a favorite artist's LPs, Ty Segall works at a surprisingly fast clip....