.Wendy Patterson

Jan 2, 2008

The Elusive Education

The cost of attending a school in the University of California or California State University systems has risen inexorably recently, with tuition nearly doubling...
Jan 2, 2008

The Forgotten Victims

For Tina Marie Williams, it all started one day in late August: "A black SUV pulled up and a guy got out," she recalled....
Dec 13, 2007

Critics To Hold March Against ICE

Over the past year, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has taken to meddling in a local labor dispute with workplace raids and...
Dec 12, 2007

Friends in High Places

By 6 p.m., Hearing Room 1 was packed. Every seat was taken, and people vied for wall space in the dimly lit room. Seated...
Dec 5, 2007

A Wasted Opportunity

If approved by the city of Oakland, the 42-story Emerald Views luxury condominium will peer down upon Lake Merritt from atop what is now...
Nov 28, 2007

“Too Mainstream?”

The strife at Berkeley's KPFA radio station continued again this month with the firing on November 15 of Peter Laufer, the host of a...
Nov 21, 2007

Whose Side is ICE On?

Early in the morning of October 4, as Rosa Flores was preparing for work, she answered a knock at her door. The couple standing...
Oct 24, 2007

Anti-Gay Group Protests at Chabot Elementary

Conservatives flier young students.