.Toshio Meronek

Jun 17, 2014

State Prisons to Institute New Censorship Rules

Last year, about 30,000 inmates staged a hunger strike in California prisons to protest subpar living conditions and the use of long-term solitary confinement....
Aug 21, 2013

The Fight Against Putting Teens in Solitary

After Cici C.'s son spent three months in solitary confinement at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall in Martinez, the seventeen-year-old suffered a severe mental...
Aug 14, 2013

State to Send More Inmates to Fungal-Infected Prisons

The deadly disease lies dormant during dry summers in Central California, but it comes alive when the rains arrive in fall. Causing flu-like symptoms,...
Mar 4, 2013

How Did Kayla Moore Die?

“She made friends easily, she was very charismatic,” said Elysse Paige-Moore of her stepdaughter, Kayla Moore. “It was typical for her to call here...
Feb 8, 2012

Breaking Out LGBT Inmates

People who are queer and transgender, especially youth, are disproportionately represented behind bars. Eric Stanley, editor of the new anthology Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment...
May 11, 2011

Liberating Liberace: Oakland Filmmaker Chris Vargas Remixes the Life of a Gay Idol

Somewhere in Hollywood, Michael Douglas is smothering on lip gloss to prepare for a heavy make-out session with Matt Damon. Douglas is set to...