.Susan Kuchinskas

Feb 26, 2020

Will the State Take Over PG&E? And If That is Possible, Is It Also...

PG&E's 2020 Fire Mitigation Plan includes yet more blackouts. In early February, some 62,000 households lost power when 20 mile-per-hour winds raked the Bay...
Apr 15, 2009

Gay and Lesbian Mating

What makes a person homosexual is a mystery still to be revealed — as well as a sociopolitical hot potato. But let's talk about what the...
Apr 15, 2009

Where to Find Oxytocin

Oxytocin brings balance and health to your physiological state. While the closeness of a mate and a family can create the calm and connection we need,...
Apr 15, 2009

The Chemistry of Commitment

Ah, courtship. A northern harrier hawk repeatedly climbs the sky and then plunges toward the earth, enticing his desired partner to...
Nov 5, 2008

The Greenest Art

Andrée Singer Thompson no longer sees a boundary between the personal, the political, and the environmental. The 72-year-old artist and teacher says that, after...
Oct 22, 2008

Engaging Women of Color

Mable Yee gets things done. A tiny woman with a froth of black hair, designer clothes, and bright lipstick, she fixes you with her...
Oct 8, 2008

Have Steam, Will Travel

A garden hose hooked to a pressure washer drips into a rivulet of oily water that's making its way to the street. At Berkeley's...
Oct 8, 2008

Building a Better Hearing Aid

No one wants a hearing aid. The generation that prefers to peer at restaurant menus through itty-bitty reading glasses they bought at the drugstore...