.Stephen Buel

Jun 22, 2022

Oaklanders Frustrated Over A’s Owner: Latest Oakland Power Poll also finds broad support for...

Oakland A’s owner John Fisher is highly unpopular with more than two-thirds of Oakland Power Poll voters. A supermajority of respondents view him as...
May 4, 2022

​Musk Worries Poll Voters: Power Poll also finds broad support to ban sales of...

Almost 70% of voters in the latest Oakland Power Poll expressed concern about Elon Musk’s successful offer to acquire Twitter, with many more respondents...
Apr 6, 2022

Power Poll: Survey finds frustration regarding homelessness

Respondents in the latest Oakland Power Poll overwhelmingly support a proposal to ban RVs and other large vehicles from parking on most residential streets. Panelists...
Jan 5, 2022

A Sea Change Regarding Covid: Power Poll shows strong support remains for government action,...

Government intervention to combat Covid-19 remains heavily popular among respondents in the latest Oakland Power Poll, but panelists believe that the widespread availability of...
Dec 1, 2021

Newton, Serra and Jefferson: A Common Bond

Oakland Power Poll panelists say that all of them deserve historic recognition despite their character flaws In response to the public installation of a bust...
Nov 3, 2021

Crime Troubles Oaklanders: In the latest Oakland Power Poll, violence and public schools top...

More than 60 percent of Oakland Power Poll participants who have considered leaving the Bay Area said the city needs to make progress on crime to make them content to stay here. Improving the public schools’ quality also was a key factor for voters.
Oct 6, 2021

Loren Taylor Leads

"Last month’s poll asked for nominations of people whom panelists would like to see run for mayor in 2022. This month, we imagine that all those people intend to run—along with other rumored or actual candidates. Please select your favorites in this three-round, ranked-choice ballot, with the numeral one representing your top choice."
Sep 8, 2021

Poll Picks Taylor: Plus, panelists want teachers vaccinated and favor CHP on city streets

"The rumor mill suggests that Loren Taylor is at least contemplating a run. He should thus be happy with his strong performance in this hella informal straw poll. As at least one panelist seemed aware, a bid by either Taylor or Reid could unite the mainstream liberals who strongly backed Schaaf with those voters who pine for the return of African-American leadership to The Town. 'Oakland needs its next great Black mayor,' that panelist wrote."