.Shajia Abidi

Nov 22, 2016

Best Fiction of 2016

Small Great ThingsBy Jodi Picoult If you're looking to read something about racism but don't want to read the hard news,...
Oct 25, 2016

East Bay Homelessness Newspaper Street Spirit Loses Funding

Nearly every morning, William Trezza picks up copies of the Street Spirit newspaper from a local vendor and sells them on the sidewalks of...
Sep 29, 2016

Blood Orange Press Hopes to Publish Books for Every Kind of Kid

According to Blood Orange Press, although half of American children under the age of five are of color, only 15% of children's books published...
Sep 28, 2016

The End of the Oakland Fence Saga

After two years of unsuccessfully trying to appease city inspectors, Josh Harkinson tore down his cedar split-rail fence along Glen Echo Creek on Sunday. Harkinson...