.Rosa Furneaux

Aug 16, 2017

Bright Sparks: While the Oakland Fire Department Takes Heat, a New Generation of Firefighters...

Paul Mason listens to an officer during a wildland training exercise in the Oakland hills. Since the 1991 firestorm, academy recruits are rigorously trained...
Jul 6, 2017

The Last Straws? Several East Bay Governments Aim to Ban the Plastic Foodware.

Pat Lamborn and her husband, Jim DuPont, enjoy escaping their crowded duplex for the sandy panorama of Alameda’s beaches. But the avid birders often...
Jun 21, 2017

Photographs For a New Era of Resistance at the Oakland Museum of California

The first images at Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing, now on show at the Oakland Museum of California. Credits: Photo by Rosa Furneaux At the...
Jun 11, 2017

Documentary Filmmaker Sebastian Junger Discusses How Hell on Earth Hurls Viewers into Syria’s Terrifying...

Filmmaker Sebastian Junger. Credits: Photo Courtesy Of Mark K. Updegrove and Sebastian Junger Heavy gasps fill the dark auditorium. Then, the footage bursts into view. We...
Jun 7, 2017

Oakland’s Only Nigerian Restaurant Was Set to Close, Until Community Rallied Behind Miliki

Enny Aregbe is very thankful. Dressed in a bright green Nigerian “up and down” outfit, with a lime-green manicure to match, Miliki’s...
Jun 5, 2017

Berkeley Looks to Tackle Gender Wage Gap, End Pay Discrimination Against Women

In a city where women earn only 71 cents for every dollar earned by men, Berkeley hopes to close the gender wage gap with...
May 24, 2017

Berkeley To Consider Banning Plastic Straws

Berkeley residents already paying a little more for their soda-taxed beverages may soon have to enjoy their drinks without the aid of an environmental...