.Robert C. Koehler

Aug 17, 2022

Civil War?: White supremacists want ‘their’ country back

Is an insurrection percolating in the MAGA universe? A civil war? One thing I notice as I read the growing warnings that this is the...
Aug 3, 2022

The Cynics’ Monkey Wrench: Creating context in an era of chaos

If you depart from an “us vs. them” philosophy of life, your first confrontation is likely to be with the cynics. Last week, for instance,...
Jul 6, 2022

Deep Belief and Effort: Growing up, becoming a man

I’ve made my own choices along the path of life - spiritual, mental, physical. I declared myself a non-believer in my parents’ religion at...
Jun 8, 2022

The War Within Ourselves: The heart is mightier than the sword

They’re coming for me! Sounds like a horror movie on permanent rewind through the brain, through the soul. Catch your breath, buy a gun. What...
Jun 1, 2022

No Lone Wolves: Beyond gun control, we need hatred control

Another terrorist slips into the classroom, into the news. Does anyone understand this? Even if guns are easily, readily available, why, why, why? I find...
May 18, 2022

A Promise to Our Kids: We won’t kill you

At a certain point, as I was reading the book I’d recently been sent, a strange transformation began occurring: Gradually, as I moved ever...
Apr 13, 2022

The Changing Same: When Jim Crow greeted black veterans

I figured I’d better write this column while doing so is still legal (at least I think it is), but I don’t recommend reading...
Mar 2, 2022

New Cold War: Ukraine and the nuclear paradox

Somewhere out there in the geopolitical wilderness of Eastern Europe, two powerful beasts stalk each other. One of them is good. One of them...