.Robert C. Koehler

Apr 26, 2023

Brutal Force

Instead of defunding, what about disarming the police and completely rethinking the nature of public safety? The twisted irony here—the irony of the brutal murder of Tyre...
Mar 22, 2023

Stay Woke

Despite the word’s abduction, the spiritual truth behind it remains a political force for change  This is from one of the people I’m least likely...
Nov 30, 2022

The Eagle and the Condor

Loving nature or profiting from it It’s fascinating how “interests” interfere with survival. Humans prepare for—and, of course, wage—war with an overwhelming percentage of their...
Nov 23, 2022

The Alchemy of Forgiveness

Transcending the morality police I have been haunted by a phrase: “morality police.” The news has been global. A 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, was arrested as she was...
Sep 28, 2022

You Belong to U.S.: The U.S. military and American youth

Ah, the children! They belong to us, sayeth the Department of Defense. At least some of them do. It’s a little more complicated than it used...
Aug 24, 2022

The True Threat to America: With wars to wage, who can afford peace?

Texas and Arizona have begun busing refugees at their border—at a cost of millions—up to a couple liberal northern cities . . . let’s...
Aug 17, 2022

Civil War?: White supremacists want ‘their’ country back

Is an insurrection percolating in the MAGA universe? A civil war? One thing I notice as I read the growing warnings that this is the...
Aug 3, 2022

The Cynics’ Monkey Wrench: Creating context in an era of chaos

If you depart from an “us vs. them” philosophy of life, your first confrontation is likely to be with the cynics. Last week, for instance,...