.Richard Parks

Mar 31, 2010

The Devil in Diablo

mt. devil from Ribbon Made Productions on Vimeo.
Mar 3, 2010

The Martinez Beaver Dilemma

In Martinez - the hometown of baseball hero Joe DiMaggio and naturalist John Muir - a family of beavers has made its home in...
Jan 27, 2010

Classic Rock Experiments

Lounging on a three-piece couch at his new Mission district flat, Ezra Feinberg appears more grad student than guitar hero when discussing his band's...
Aug 19, 2009

The Antlers

High-flown, emotional concept: check. Wailing, earnest vocals: check. Literary references: check. Buzz from Pitchfork and NPR: check. Yup, the Antlers' Hospice is as indie-rock cognoscenti-friendly as Arcade...
Jul 29, 2009

Sunset Rubdown

People make a lot of Spencer Krug's lyrics. Are they intentionally obfuscating, diary-page abstract tapestry? Do they spell a narrative? Perhaps extra attention is paid because...
May 27, 2009

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

One can imagine the dozen or so members of this LA band (lead by Ima Robot's Alex Ebert) meeting at some chill key party in...
Apr 29, 2009

In Rockridge, a Rarefied Crime: Flower Poaching

Spring has sprung in Oakland's beautiful Rockridge district, and the front-yard gardens that are the pride of so many homeowners there are in full bloom. But...
Apr 8, 2009

The Uptown Apartments Look Nice, But Are Still Mostly Empty

In downtown Oakland, a $50 million dream is just a third fulfilled. That's the status of the city's unprecedented investment in the Uptown Apartments, the 665-unit mixed-use...