.Puck Lo

Jul 9, 2010

Police Begin Releasing Protesters

Authorities have been slowly releasing today some of the 78 people who were arrested during protests in downtown Oakland last night, following the involuntary...
Jul 7, 2010

Oakland Cops Decide to Not Use Sound Cannon on Protesters

Updated: The Oakland Police Department has shelved its controversial new crowd-control weapon, a sonic cannon capable of causing extreme pain, because of efforts by...
Jun 16, 2010

Jobs, Yes. Green-Collar Ones, No.

Medardo Sarmiento, a 49-year-old Richmond resident with a serious demeanor and sparkling brown eyes, wants a green-collar job. He's taking classes four days a...
Jun 3, 2010

Save the Sturgeon, Save the Delta?

Ancient, seven-and-a-half-foot-long green sturgeon — and the environmentalists who have been suing on their behalf for the last nine years — have won the...
May 26, 2010

Soccer V. Obesity in Oakland Schools

One out of every three children in the United States is overweight, but solving the obesity epidemic may be as simple as child's play...