.Oscar Pascual

Oct 8, 2013

TSA Eases Up on Passengers Flying with Marijuana

The Transportation Security Administration recently made changes to their policies regarding marijuana, according to a report from NY Daily News. ...
Oct 7, 2013

Filmmaker JoAnn Schuch to Screen and Discuss Pot Regulation Documentary

With such a vast imbalance between state and federal marijuana laws, filmmaker JoAnn Schuch decided to take the issue head-on in her new documentary,...
Mar 6, 2013

Former DEA Heads Urge Government to Repeal Washington, Colorado Marijuana Laws

Eight former DEA chiefs have urged the federal government to destroy the marijuana reform that states Colorado and Washington have worked so hard to...
Mar 5, 2013

MMJ Capital San Jose Provides Relief to Silicon Valley

Bay area tech workers have put the vast amount of San Jose's medical marijuana dispensaries to good use, according to a recent report from...
Mar 1, 2013

Oakland Continues to Fight the Feds for Medical Marijuana

The City of Oakland filed an appeal earlier this week in an effort to prevent the federal government from closing down the Harborside Health...
Feb 27, 2013

Hawaii and New Mexico Approve New Bills to Decriminalize Marijuana

Yesterday marked a great day for the advancement of cannabis legalization, as both the states of Hawaii and New Mexico voted in favor of...
Feb 26, 2013

Court Ruling Allows Arizona to Issue Sober DUIs

An appeals court has issued an appeal this month that allows Arizona authorities to prosecute smokers for driving under the influence — without any...
Feb 25, 2013

Ed Rosenthal Proves to be the Guru of Ganja in New ‘Superachievers’ Book

Oakland's Ed Rosenthal has dedicated his life to his passion of marijuana cultivation and advocacy. He's spent years fighting for marijuana rights and authoring...