.Obi Kaufmann

Jul 11, 2012

Cardboardtopia at Cardburg 2012: The Super Track

Carrie Lederer has once again set the bar for curating great shows in the East Bay. As the head curator at the Bedford Gallery...
Jul 4, 2012

Art Murmur Evolves

The hugely happening monthly gallery crawl known as Oakland Art Murmur will have more art show openings than ever this month, and will be...
Jun 27, 2012

From Badlands to Berkeley

A few years ago, when East Bay ceramic sculptor Brük Dunbar was on a trip with her mother through her homeland, deep in the...
Jun 20, 2012

Art Walk This Way

When Erica Stone, owner of The Rare Bird, opened her quaint, stylish vintage shop in 2010, she knew she wanted to create a business...
Jun 13, 2012

‘Ugly Baby Knuckles’: Color, Energy, and Insanity

Collectively titled Ugly Baby Knuckles, the series of paintings up now at Marion & Rose's Workshop (461 9th St., Oakland), rides a free-spirited wave...
Jun 6, 2012

Fractured, Pluralist ‘Visions from the New California’

To what degree can visual art help define a society and still maintain its aesthetic autonomy? It's kind of a chicken-and-the-egg question: Which came...
May 30, 2012

Art Murmur June Preview

June is typically the busiest month for Art Murmur. With all the excitement about Oakland's visual art renaissance, and the strong, unified showing Art...
May 23, 2012

‘The Last Show on Earth’ More Hopeful Than Apocalyptic

There is something in the air and we can't lay all the blame on the ancient Mayans. Apocalyptic prophesies aside, the year 2012 has...