.Nate Seltenrich

May 21, 2014

Recreation Calendar

May Canyon Meadow Trail Run This close-to-home race travels along the East Ridge and West Ridge trails in Oakland's Redwood Regional Park. Five distances to...
Sep 4, 2013

Green-Energy Storage: ‘The Next Big Thing’

For the past decade, California has been a leader in the clean-energy revolution. Groundbreaking state laws require our major utilities to purchase 33 percent...
May 15, 2013

Recreation Calendar

May Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim Put this one on your calendar for 2014; once again, it sold out months ahead of race day. A challenging race...
Mar 1, 2013

Poll: Most Americans Believe Human Population Growth Threatens Species, Climate

Ever since Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich and his wife Ann Ehrlich (who was uncredited) published The Population Bomb in 1968, it's been a controversial,...
Dec 21, 2012

Broadway Shuttle, BART Offering Extended New Year’s Eve Hours

So you're planning on staying out late in the celebrated Jack London/Downtown/Uptown neighborhoods of Oakland on New Year's Eve — maybe at the Fox...
Dec 13, 2012

Walgreens Fined $16.6 Million for Landfilling Pesticides, Bleach, Paint, and More in East Bay

Illinois-based Walgreen Co. has been ordered to pay a settlement of $16.57 million for illegally sending hazardous materials including pesticides, bleach, paint, and aerosols...
Dec 13, 2012

It’s Almost Christmas: Time to Count Some Birds

Tomorrow, December 14, holds the dubious distinction — at least among retailers and time-strapped shoppers — of being the second-to-last Friday before Christmas. Much...
Dec 4, 2012

Bust Out Your Reusable Bags, Alameda County; Ban Starts in January

Ten and a half months ago, Alameda County approved a ban on all single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and many other retailers selling...