.Mike Spinney

May 27, 2009

The Church and Prop 8: Losing by Winning

In spite of this week's setback in the California courts, legal approval for same-sex marriage is building steam. The domino theory many ...
May 12, 2009

Big Brother’s Riding Shotgun

I live in Massachusetts where the governor and state legislature seem bent on giving new life to the moniker "Taxachusetts." Our local ...
Apr 23, 2009

You Have Zero Privacy — Enjoy It!

Oracle Corporation is the apparent winner in the $7.4 billion race (power walk?) to buy Sun Microsystems. I'm not a tech industry ...
Apr 15, 2009

Tea Party v. Thai Party Protests

It's tax day, that chilling annual reminder of just how much of your hard earned money state and federal government needs to ...
Mar 31, 2009

Rx: Self-Help for Hard Times

There's an old story about a minister who lived in a town on the banks of a river that, one particularly wet season, spilled its ...
Mar 12, 2009

The Message of Madoff

Most Sundays I spend my evenings inside the medium security prison at MCI Shirley here in Massachusetts fellowshipping with men whose lives have taken unfortunate ...
Mar 4, 2009

An Evangelical’s Goodbye to Dr. Dobson

Dr. James Dobson stepped down last week from his post as chairman of the worldwide Focus on the Family ministry. I have been critical of ...
Feb 24, 2009

Toward a Saner Cuban Policy

Finally, someone of consequence is talking sense on our senseless Cuban foreign policy. Senator Richard Lugar, ranking minority member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee ...