.Lou Fancher

Now and Then
Sep 26, 2023

Now and Then

Heather Cox Richardson is hot on history. During a phone interview to talk about her new book, Democracy Awakening, Notes on the State of...
Complicated Abundance
Sep 26, 2023

Complicated Abundance

Consider an oft-repeated line from a film: “If you build it, they will come.” Misquoted by actor Kevin Costner’s Ray Kinsella in the 1989...
Freedom Art
Sep 12, 2023

Freedom Art

Many people in the Bay Area came to know Ai Weiwei’s visionary art in 2014, when he remained banned from traveling outside China and...
Green Burials
Sep 5, 2023

Green Burials

With the Earth screaming for attention through increasingly severe natural disasters, people are realizing our planet is vulnerable. After centuries of believing this world...
Aug 30, 2023

All the Right Moves

Everybody is dancing in the Bay Area this season Increasingly—and at long, long, last—bodies of every shade and size are dancing everywhere. Thankfully, here in...
Aug 23, 2023

Fall Into Arts

The East Bay delivers art and culture After suffering enervating, zombie-inducing online and hybrid performances during the pandemic, live shows are once again the norm....
Aug 2, 2023

Wheels of Steel

SFMOMA explores and expands California’s low-rider culture in latest exhibit Visitors to “Sitting on Chrome,” the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s new exhibit opening...
Jul 19, 2023

Democratic Birdsong

Violinist Wendy Reid makes music with nature Hundreds of the world’s finest modern composers live right outside our doors and windows. Making their homes in...