.Liam O'Donoghue

Sep 20, 2017

The Albany Cross Resurrects Memories of the KKK

The Albany Lions Club has steadfastly refused to remove a giant cross on Albany hill. Credits: Photo by Darryl Barnes ...
Jun 28, 2017

Sugar Pie DeSanto’s Delicious Soul

Imagine a performer who combined the brazen sexuality of Nicki Minaj and soulful swagger of Amy Winehouse with the fierce, gymnastic energy of Janelle...
Feb 21, 2017

The Sinister, Evil KKK In Oakland Once Ruled City Hall

The Kaiser Convention Center (formerly known as the Oakland Auditorium) has hosted all kinds of events, from Motown concerts to roller derbies, over the...
Feb 21, 2017

California’s Only Black Whaling Captain, William Shorey, Lived in Oakland

This West Oakland vintage home housed the only Black whaling captain in Pacific coast history. Credits: Courtesy POPNA In West Oakland, a plaque sitting in front...
Feb 21, 2017

Oakland’s Most Iconic Tree Is Named After A Socialist Firebrand: Jack London (Of Course)

Long before Europeans arrived in the East Bay, oak trees allowed native Ohlone people to exist on this land for thousands of years without...
Feb 14, 2017

Berkeley Is The Original Sanctuary City

President Trump’s vow to eliminate sanctuary cities by withholding federal funds has thrust this controversial topic into the national spotlight. As a growing number...