.Katie Tandy

Feb 5, 2014

Waterstrider’s Moment?

Since forming in the fabled bowels of the UC Berkeley co-op Cloyne Court Hotel in 2009, Waterstrider has wended its way through various incarnations,...
Jan 22, 2014

What’s Going On With Clean-Up?

Back in November, we profiled the story of a successful fundraising campaign to get West Oakland homeless resident James Boatner (aka “Clean-up”) off the...
Nov 6, 2013

Street Stories With a Global Reach

Last April, German filmmaker and raconteur Jonathan Rutsch decided he wanted to create a multimedia storytelling project, but he wasn't sure where to start....
Aug 28, 2013

Documenting Oakland’s Recyclers

Eight years ago, Amir Soltani moved from Boston to West Oakland. One of the first things that struck him was the sound of recyclers...
Jul 31, 2013

A S.H.E.D. for Art

Two years ago, Emmy Moore and Jonah Susskind met at a "community living experiment" in San Francisco's Bayview district: a bus — in addition...
Jun 5, 2013

Inside the Life of Lifers

In 2006, Tamara Perkins found herself teaching yoga at San Quentin State Prison. When two inmates discovered Perkins also had a background in filmmaking,...