.Kara Platoni

Dec 12, 2007

The Structure Is the Message

Mutation does not always mean cancer. If you sampled cells from any woman's breast, Dr. Mina Bissell says, you would find a scattering of...
Dec 12, 2007

Thinking Outside the Cell

Why do we get cancer? For years, conventional wisdom held that cancer begins solely with a DNA mutation that causes cells to run amok...
Sep 26, 2007

Rolling in Green

Canadian e-cars come to B-town, invasive trees pegged as a top eco-fuel candidate, and a carbon calculator that multiplies guilt.
Sep 5, 2007

Apple Iz In Ur Christmaz Stocking, Taking Ur Monies

As all you Mac nerds know, today the ever-mysterious Cupertino-based Apple released like 375 new products, some of them expected, some of them not...
Aug 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hyphen

Hyphen magazine founder and ex-Express staff writer Melissa Hung led the Bay Area's charge to start a magazine that would attempt to relay, as...
Aug 27, 2007

Goodnight, Moon

Hey space fans and insomniacs! In the wee hours of Tuesday morning - aka tonight between about 2 a.m. and 4...
Aug 22, 2007

A Cure for All That Ails You?

Despite the healing powers of umbilical cord blood, those who pay thousands to bank it for the future may be the least likely to benefit. By Kara Platoni
Aug 17, 2007

In Search of the Raiders Mystique

Has anyone read the New York Times piece today on Oakland Raiders boss Al Davis? Now, I'm not a big sports...