.Jordan Ranft

Mar 13, 2019

East Bay Publishers Embrace an Old Idea in a New Way

Adam and Ashley appreciate the subscription model as a potential community-building tool Credits: Jennifer Baquing With almost three decades of experience in independent publishing, Ramsey...
Feb 27, 2019

Having Their Day

Mutt describes its sound as a "Direct reflection of its moniker." Credits: Photo by Norman Williams Somewhere in Richmond, nestled against the raised concrete of Interstate...
Sep 5, 2018

ANML PLNT Raps for The Town

Alex Jenney (aka Pass) and Jordan Jennings (aka Apes) of ANML PLNT. Credits: Photo by Backwood Onedr ...
Aug 29, 2018

Hiero Day Maintains Commitment to Community

Although it is billed as a music festival, Hiero Day is more like a block party, according to DJ Toure and Tajai...
Jun 19, 2018

After Several Tumultuous Years, Fredo Algebra Is Primed for a Renaissance

Fredo Algebra reps Union City in his music. Credits: Jordan Ranft Alfredo Gerardo recorded his first song in 2002 while AWOL...
Apr 25, 2018

Oakland Art Month Puts Spotlight on Dance, Music, and Events that Exemplify Town Culture

Turf dancing often takes the streets on First Friday, but it’ll also get its own festival this May. Credits: Photo courtesy of Visit Oakland ...
Mar 14, 2018

Care Not Cages Examines Self-Care Behind Bars

Rahsaan Thomas has been collecting stories from inmates. Credits: Photo by Peter Merts Photography Emile DeWeaver has just finished doing some yoga. "I'm feeling ready for...
Jan 31, 2018

The Illuminaries Are Behind Some of Oakland’s Most Iconic Murals

Tim Hon and Steve Ha met at Newark Memorial High School and began tagging their names together around the East Bay. Credits: Photo by Jordan...