.Jonathan Kaminsky

Mar 14, 2007

Paperless in San Leandro

In its quest to tidy up downtown with multipaper newsracks, the city has managed to drive all publishers off the streets.
Feb 28, 2007

One More Cal J-School Dean Candidate

Josh Quittner, editor of Business 2.0, has thrown his hat into the ring. It seems he's likely to be the final of five candidates....
Feb 22, 2007

Valentine’s Eve at Woodfin Suites

Last month, the Express wrote about the firing of 21 possibly undocumented housekeepers in the wake of complaints about Woodfin Suites' compliance with Emeryville's...
Feb 20, 2007

Cal J-School Snags Top Award, Makes History

The George Polk Awards, which were announced today, typically highlight the exceptional work done by reporters from media giants like The New York Times...
Feb 17, 2007

J-school Dean Search Heats Up

With Dean Orville Schell stepping down, the UC Berkeley J-School is looking for a new leader. Yesterday, the search committee announced the first of...
Feb 16, 2007

Throwing in the Sink, Enjoying the Bathwater

Kitchen Sink, the Oakland-based literary magazine "for people who think too much," is going under. Thanks to difficulties with its distributor, the mag has...
Feb 15, 2007

Oakland sues Oakland Housing Authority

The city of Oakland today filed a lawsuit against the Oakland Housing Authority, a state agency, citing unlivable conditions in its 3,300 rental units,...
Feb 15, 2007

Move Your Car, Or Face the Sticky Consequences

Attention Oakland parkers: It seems, by admittedly entirely anecdotal evidence, that the Oakland PD may be cracking down on vehicles left sitting around for...