.Jessica Lipsky

Aug 19, 2018

Popular Vintage Store Pretty Penny Closes After Nearly 13 Years in Business

Pretty Penny, a popular vintage clothing store in Rockridge responsible for outfitting stylish women and men throughout the Bay Area, will close its doors...
Jun 27, 2018

The Body Political Burlesque Revue Portrays the Reality of the Human Body

Vulnerability is a key part of Magnoliah Black's performances. Credits: Photo courtesy of Amber Gregory Growing up, Magnoliah Black loved to dance, but she...
Jan 24, 2018

Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Celebrates Five Years of Experimental Sounds

Guitarist Ben Westfall (on recorder), drummer Aaron Levin, bassist Leo Lober-Tracy, and saxophonist Rent Romus improvised a quick set before an Oakland Freedom Jazz...
Nov 29, 2017

The M-Tet’s Fresh Funk

The M-Tet began as a study in Meters songs. The M-Tet began as a study in Meters songs. Credits: Photo courtesy of The M-Tet ...
May 3, 2017

Oakland’s Soul and Funk DJ Nights Now Rival Those In San Francisco

Matt Stout of the Silver and Black Soul Club who spins at Nigh Light every third Friday. Credits: Sam Zide You can’t sit...
Mar 7, 2017

VAMP Record Shop in Oakland Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

VAMP in Oakland. Credits: Courtesy Photo Walking through the doors of VAMP on 19th Street in downtown Oakland is like stepping into a soulful friend’s carefully...
Aug 20, 2014

An Oakland Nonprofit Wants to Change the Rap Paradigm

Hip Hop for Change wants to promote socially conscious artists and progressive lyricism, and organize grassroots involvement in the East Bay. The brainchild of...