.Jennifer Wadsworth

May 27, 2020

Giant Rebates for Commercial Landlords?

A push to provide tax relief to commercial landlords has been quietly advancing in the California Capitol. But for a scheme with such potentially...
Apr 1, 2020

Hospitals Besieged

In a horrifying sign of what urban areas can expect once the virus takes hold in their communities, the Kaiser Permanente official who leads...
Mar 27, 2020

Incomplete Test Data Blurs Full Picture of COVID-19 Outbreak

It started with a bellyache and a painful tightening of her chest. Seemingly overnight, the symptoms transposed into a dull, pulsing throb at her temples,...
Mar 26, 2020

Evidence Suggests That Sheltering-In-Place is Working

Elbow bumps are the new high five. Credits: (Photo via Shutterstock) Scroll from the bottom up to read in chronological order. And click here to catch...
Mar 25, 2020

Lack of Tests Means We Still Don’t Know the Full Scope of Outbreak

After seven years on disability, Chris Lierle's new job at a South Bay financial institution marked the start of an exciting new chapter. "This...
Mar 19, 2008

SF School’s Misfortune May Benefit East Bay University

Alex Brant-Zawadzki enrolled last fall to pursue a law degree at what was advertised as the oldest public-interest law school in the country. He...
Mar 12, 2008

Those Alameda Sports Cuts Are Just the Start of it

Clad in suits and ties, like the guests at a funeral, Alameda County's seventeen public school superintendents gathered in Oakland last month to lambaste...
Mar 6, 2008

UC Berkeley Neuroscientists Can Read Our Minds

Imagine a device that projects a person's subconscious thought into translatable signals on a computer screen — a machine that might allow someone entry...