.Gabrielle Canon

May 11, 2018

A Fight to Free Oakland Mamas for Mother’s Day — and End California’s Unfair...

On Thursday outside the René C. Davidson Courthouse, Essie members shared stories as they called for a change to the bail system. Credits: Gabrielle Canon "Miss...
May 2, 2018

Oakland’s Sewer Problems Still Stink

Nearly 19,000 gallons of sewage have spilled into Temescal Creek this year. Credits: Photo by Gabrielle Canon Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...
Jan 24, 2018

Oakland Officials Call for Probes of Sewage Leaks

On Jan. 15, raw sewage started spilling into Lake Merritt for the second time in a month. Credits: Photo by Gabrielle Canon ...
Jan 21, 2018

Voices from Saturday’s Women’s March in Oakland

David and Sophie Zizmor David Zizmor with his daughter Sophie, 6. "I want Sophie to learn that we can fight back when...
Nov 15, 2017

Fourth Ex-City Worker Alleges Oakland Auditor Abuse

Mary Seymour said she experienced Roberts’ wrath firsthand. Credits: Photo by Taliesin GIlkes-Bower Mary Seymour...
Oct 11, 2017

Watching the Watchdog

Brenda Roberts blamed her office’s low productivity on a lack of resources and staff turnover. Credits: File photo courtesy of Roberts’ 2014 campaign for city...
Aug 10, 2017

Best Landlord History Lesson: Andrew Mousalimas

Andrew Mousalimas Credits: Portrait by Sam Zide “Ah, it’s good to see that there are lemons on the tree!” ninety-two-year-old Andrew Mousalimas shouted as he slowly...