.Erin Gilmore

Nov 17, 2010

Richmond Park Wins $2 Million in Funding

A small park in Richmond received a big boost from the State of California last week. Pogo Park sits dead center in Richmond's Iron...
Jan 13, 2010

A Father’s Quest

On October 10, 2009, the mother of Tyberius Campos-Reese was arrested for prostitution in Hayward. Four days later, his father, Arianas Campos-Reese, filed for...
Jun 9, 2009

A Park Grows in Richmond

Bitch bitch I ♥--%$#@ — hot bitch" is scrawled in white spray paint on the jungle gym at Richmond's Elm Playlot....
Jul 9, 2008

Tragedy on the French Trail

When warm temperatures and sunny skies made March 22 a perfect day for a trail ride, 74-year-old horseman Ed Rorke saddled up his Thoroughbred...