.Eliza Strickland

May 28, 2008

Eugene Tsui Says It’s Time for Thinking Big

A two-mile high tower shaped like a termite mound that could house the entire population of San Francisco. A twisting skyscraper in Taiwan that...
May 14, 2008

Framing Issues Is Hard; Just Ask George Lakoff

The Rockridge Institute closed down at the end of April not with a bang but a whimper. Staffers who had been drawn to the...
Apr 30, 2008

Preschool + Trees + Hope = Health

Here's Dr. Tony Iton's prescription for a healthy West Oakland population: Take a good dose of preschool, add a bunch of trees, regular exercises...
Apr 16, 2008

The Planet That Plays Together Stays Together

In recent weeks, avid computer gamers in Iowa, Texas, New Zealand, and Brazil have congregated in empty parking lots and grassy fields, standing shoulder-to-shoulder...
Apr 2, 2008

Drink Your Beef Tea and Pipe Down

Eat food. Not too much. Lots of bone broth and organ meat. With apologies to Michael Pollan's excellent In Defense of Food, that's how...
Mar 19, 2008

Activist Phones and Long-Term Research

Eric Paulos works a dream job at Intel Research Berkeley, a suite of labs and offices on the top floor of the Power Bar...
Mar 5, 2008

Nuclear CSI: New Deterrence for a New Era

Measured on a geological time scale — say, the 704 million year half-life of uranium-235 — the sixteen years since the USSR decayed into...
Feb 20, 2008

Nice People Gain Power, (Which Makes Them Less Nice)

Back in September of 2000, professor Dacher Keltner walked into the Cal dormitory he had selected for his latest social psychology experiment. The students...