.David MacFadden-Elliott

Mar 14, 2012

Various Artists

The West In Dust compilation is another reason why the future of the industry may rest in the hands of tastemakers. Self-professed music nerds...
Nov 2, 2011


Hailing form Oxnard, California, M.E.D. (aka Medaphor) has been watching his Classic gather dust on the shelf for a year or so. Fans will...
Oct 19, 2011

The Stepkids

Finally, a new record to file in between Rotary Connection and Sly Stone: The Stepkids are serving up psych pop with a tight, funky...
Oct 5, 2011


Between Summer 2009 and Spring 2010, hip-hop producer and instrumentalist Oddisee gave Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" a run for the money with Odd Seasons, a...
Dec 22, 2010

Ode to the Walkman, in Memorium

Two beloved music industry icons were reported dead this year: The Walkman and the Technics 1200, both of Japan. Their respective manufacturers, Sony and...
Dec 15, 2010

The Left

A gas mask is something you put on so you don't ingest any of the bullshit floating around — and that's the kind of...
Sep 8, 2010

Phife Dawg’s Triumphal Return

Malik Taylor, 39, is a regular guy. He lives in Antioch, where he does the family thing, hangs up at the crib, and coaches...
Aug 25, 2010

Rock The Bells Celebrates ’93 Til Infinity

Those who worship at the altar of turntables and microphones often argue over the bookends of hip-hop’s “Golden Era.” This is generally seen...