.Darren Keast

Apr 18, 2007

Burning Up & Out

DJ Lorin, a star on the Burning Man scene, wants to ditch the playa and embrace the hip-hop crowd. Meet a music marketer's nightmare.
Dec 13, 2006

Intoxicating Opportunity

Amoeba, Rasputin, West Grand Liquors, Remy VSOP Cognac, and Too $hort join forces in the latest iteration of the artist in-store.
Feb 15, 2006

Hood TV

In the new ghetto documentaries, thugs show off their guns, drugs, and cash. But cops and other thugs are watching.
Oct 19, 2005

Olde-School English

Can a 6'8" UK producer embody Oakland's urban music legacy? Colossus says yes.
Apr 27, 2005

Missippi Burning

The East Bay's newest soul sensation battles racism and his gangsta past.
Jan 19, 2005


Triangulation Station
Jul 21, 2004

Jr. Jay-Zs for Jesus

Christian hip-hop exists in the Bay Area -- you just haven't heard it. Yet.
Jun 2, 2004

Ravin’ and Puttin’

A DJ's-eye-view of Nor-Cal's all-ages dance music scene -- anyone for miniature golf?