.Corey Hill

Jan 1, 2014

Sex Ed Still Lags in Oakland Schools

Sex ed in California is supposed to be comprehensive. Under state policy, students are to receive information that is medically accurate, science-based, and age-appropriate....
Aug 7, 2013

Unionizing Nonprofits

When employees of Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco began talking about unionizing earlier this spring, their concerns centered on issues familiar to...
Feb 6, 2013

California Gets Fracked

Inside a nondescript building in Sacramento, an auctioneer prepared to lease thousands of acres of public land that could ultimately reap billions of dollars...
Nov 21, 2012

Grooming Your Future Activist

Children's entertainment comes with no shortage of messages: disobedient princesses learning to obey their parents; giant red dogs urging teamwork; purple dinosaurs imparting the wisdom...
Oct 15, 2012

Prop 37 Is Losing Support

When we first reported about "Big Organic" companies helping fund the opposition to Proposition 37, the ballot measure enjoyed a two-to-one margin of support....
Sep 12, 2012

Big Organic Joins Monsanto in Fighting Prop 37

It's no secret that giant agribusinesses like Monsanto are spending millions of dollars trying to defeat Proposition 37 on the November ballot. The Right...
Aug 15, 2012

InterPlaying With Ourselves

Inside the airy InterPlay studio on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, a small group of men and women are running at full speed, the dull...
Jun 27, 2012

Beyond the Big Top

On 7th Street in West Oakland, just across from Interstate 880, the yellow and green Kinetic Arts Center building stands out from its spartan surroundings....