.Cassie McFadden

Jun 19, 2013

Local Nail Polish Company Floss Gloss Capitalizes on the Nail Art Phenomenon

The first thing you might notice about Aretha Sack — apart from her tattoos and prodigiously blond, wavy, and long hair — are her...
Sep 19, 2012

The Science and Art of Partying

If Damian Lanahan-Kalish, the driving force behind the motley artist collective Mishap Productions, could be considered any sort of scientist, he'd be a party...
Sep 12, 2012

The Revival of Bay Area Ladyfest

Like so many young, radical feminists in recent decades, Vee Vee Renceria was introduced to feminism by way of punk rock, specifically the outspoken,...
Sep 5, 2012

A Decidedly Special Delivery

When Alan Varela bought an abandoned West Berkeley building for his construction company, it turned out he got much more than a decrepit 36,000-square-foot...
Aug 29, 2012

Oakland Pride’s Family Ties

As is the case with any festival popular enough to be replicated around the world, LGBTQ Pride celebrations — whether in San Francisco or...
Aug 22, 2012

Day Tripping

Whether you're a jaded East Bay native who's strolled down Telegraph Avenue enough times to know each busker by name or a fresh-faced transplant...
Aug 15, 2012

Pedalfest Rides Again

Currently there are more than one hundred miles of bicycle lanes and shared bike and car routes weaving throughout the City of Oakland, with...
Aug 8, 2012

Hearing from Here to There

There are only about twelve miles separating Oakland and San Francisco — a short distance easily traversed by bridge, boat, or BART train —...