.Brian Bienkowski of Environmental Health News

Feb 1, 2018

Fertilizer Is Fouling California’s Air

A large proportion of California's nitrogen oxide - which can cause harmful ozone and a variety of health impacts - comes from heavy fertilizer...
Sep 30, 2015

BPA Studies Raise Concerns for Baby Girls

Girls born to mothers with high levels of BPA in their systems during the first trimester of pregnancy weigh less at birth than babies...
Sep 2, 2015

Evidence Mounts that Roundup Is Toxic

Long-term exposure to tiny amounts of Roundup — thousands of times lower than what is permitted in US drinking water — may lead to...
Nov 26, 2014

Bad Air? There’s a Pill for That

One of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States may have an extra benefit: protecting people from air pollution. Statins, prescribed to...
Aug 4, 2013

Prenatal and Childhood BPA Exposure Linked to Anxiety, Hyperactivity in Boys

Boys exposed to higher bisphenol A concentrations in the womb or during childhood were more likely to develop anxiety, depression and hyperactivity, according to...
Jul 3, 2013

Atrazine Feminizes Male Frogs

Atrazine, one of the most widely used farm herbicides in the United States, has feminized male frogs and other animals in some scientific studies....
May 3, 2013

Funding to be Slashed for Program that Cut Air Pollution

More than 50,000 high-polluting diesel engines have been cleaned up or removed from US roads in a federal program designed to reduce smog and...
Apr 17, 2013

New Tests for Beach Bacteria

Just in time for summer, federal researchers are touting a faster, more accurate water-quality test to keep beaches open and people healthy. But it's...