.Brandon Yu

Dec 12, 2018

Arthur Jafa’s New Work Continues to Examine the Dynamics of Race

Arthur Jafa is best known for his 2016 video, Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death. Credits: Photo courtesy of BAMPFA Some time...
Dec 4, 2018

Rina Ayuyang’s ‘Blame This on the Boogie’ Reflects Her Love of Song and Dance

Rina Ayuyang's obsession with Dancing with the Stars informs her new book. Credits: Photo courtesy of Rina Ayuyang In Rina Ayuyang's childhood...
Oct 31, 2018

Technology, Politics Collide in Eliot Peper’s ‘Borderless’

Oakland author Eliot Peper has just published his eighth book. Credits: Photo courtesy of Russell Edwards Sitting in the sunny living room...
Jun 13, 2018

Tommy Orange’s ‘There There’ Presents a Shift in Native Representation

Tommy Orange wrote tales from a dozen different perspectives in his book, but they share a sense of anguish and alienation. Credits: Photo courtesy of...
Mar 14, 2018

Michael David Lukas’ The Last Watchman of Old Cairo Looks at the Magic of...

Michael David Lukas bucks preconceptions of Muslim-Jewish relationships. Credits: Photo by Irene Young Michael David Lukas posits two takes on the notion...