.Bert Johnson

Mar 14, 2017

Bay Area Activists Protest Peter Thiel’s Partnership With Immigration and Customs Enforcement

On Saturday at Peter Thiel’s San Francisco home overlooking the Bay, protesters demonstrated against a collaboration between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Palantir Technologies,...
Jan 3, 2017

Oakland Unified School District Reaffirms Sanctuary City Status

Donald Trump's win in November — and his administration's expected crackdown against undocumented immigrants — is bad for California's education system, according to teachers,...
Aug 2, 2016

¡Fuera Trump!: Our Writer Traveled to Mexico City, Where People Definitely Had Choice Words...

Jose Adan Garcia Canales works nearly every day in Mexico City's central square. And, despite living thousands of miles from the United States, he...
Nov 25, 2015

Christmas Numbs But Once a Year

If you're anything like me, the holiday season is a double-edged sword: You love your family, but the novelty of seeing them...
Sep 30, 2015

Dragon Master’s Fellowship of the Twelve-Sided Dice

I first encountered Yee Olde Dragon Master's Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest on a Thursday night in an unassuming Eastlake watering hole. I...
Sep 23, 2015

Berkeley Defends Sanctuary Status

Last month, the US House of Representatives approved House Resolution 3009, the "Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act," a bill that would punish...
Sep 22, 2015

Yee Olde Dragon Master’s Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest

Game of Thrones is a veritable cultural phenomenon. The show is HBO’s most commercially successful series to date — transcending the fantasy genre’s niche...
Jun 19, 2015

Warriors Parade Draws Massive Crowd

Warriors fans from around the Bay Area flocked to Oakland for a parade through downtown and a rally on the shore of...