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Apr 13, 2018

Celebrate Neapolitan Pizza Week in Berkeley

A Neapolitan-style pizza from Lucia's. Credits: courtesy of Lucia's Pizzeria Lucia's Pizzeria (2016 Shattuck Ave.) in downtown Berkeley is the only East Bay restaurant participating in Neapolitan...
Apr 12, 2018

Reem Assil’s New Oakland Restaurant, Dyafa, Opens Tomorrow in Jack London Square

Chef Reem Assil. Credits: Melati Citrawireja/file photo James Beard Best Chef semifinalist and La Cocina grad Reem Assil, who launched the Fruitvale bakery Reem’s last...
Oct 24, 2012

When Beans Meet Booze

He drops a brown-sugar cube into a tall glass, then wets it with Booker's bourbon, which — bottled uncut straight from the barrel —...
Oct 24, 2012

Thick, Sweet, and Strong

It's a typical weekday morning in the metropolis. Pouring down the foggy hills, thronging the streets, rushing toward buses, trains, and ferryboats that will...
Mar 21, 2012

Brasa’s New Pepper Pantheon

Live in California long enough and you think you know your peppers. But step into Brasa — the self-described "Peruvian joint" now occupying that tiny...
Nov 23, 2011

Epics, Artists, and Revolutionaries

Habibi Craig Thompson $35 Part fairytale, part romance, part scripture, part Alhambra, this nearly seven-hundred-page adventure elevates the graphic novel to lofty new heights. Even if its...
Oct 26, 2011

A Guide to Vegan Cocktails

Here's a joke for you: A vegan walks into a bar and orders a Bloody Mary. It's funny, but not for the reason you might...
Sep 28, 2011

The Meaning of Sustainability

Sustainable. It pops up everywhere, this adjective implying that the food so labeled is superior and so are you for eating it. Sustainable suggests a...