.Andy Klein

May 21, 2003

Flight of Fancy

In the technically mind-boggling Winged Migration, audiences get to soar with the birds.
Mar 19, 2003

The King Is Dense

There's more to Stephen King's Dreamcatcher than will fit in its confusing cinematic adaptation.
Jan 29, 2003

Shanghai Surprise

An unusual quirk of history now brings forth Holocaust tales from an unlikely place.
Dec 25, 2002

Year of the Coma

Blending emotion and wackiness, Pedro Almodóvar's latest looks at sleeping beauties.
Dec 11, 2002

Where the Heart Isn’t

The Way Home is paved with canned sentiment.
Nov 27, 2002

Prodigal Daughter

A Vietnam expat finds her family -- but maybe she should have stayed lost.
Oct 16, 2002

Dark Chocolat

Chabrol's bonbon femme fatale.
Oct 16, 2002

Waterboy’s Breakdown

Adam Sandler is truly disturbing, but deliberately so this time.