.Andrew Gilbert

Orchestra Gold blends worlds
Jul 9, 2024

Orchestra Gold blends worlds

The Bay Area has long embraced the music of West and Central Africa. Brought here by masters including Nigerian bassist Babá Ken Okulolo, Ghanaian...
Mar 2, 2022

A Soulful Page From the American Songbook

Tony Lindsay is inextricably linked to Santana, and not just because he spent about a quarter century as the band's lead vocalist. He was...
Jul 28, 2021

Sonic Frontiers: Deeply informed by traditional music of the Philippines, Karl Evangelista’s ‘Apura’ is...

"An Oakland guitarist and composer with a rigorously conceived and wide-open aesthetic, Evangelista is a creative force at the sonic frontiers where the Bay Area’s new music scene bleeds into jazz. Deeply informed by traditional music of the Philippines, he designed Apura by drawing on folkloric melodies, though the musical conversation unfurled with the roiling ebb and surge of a jazz colloquy," writes Andrew Gilbert in this week's music section.
Jun 16, 2021

Rock Solid

Andrew Gilbert profiles Drummer Larry Vann and his deeply rooted ties to the Bay Area and his storied history playing with some of the most noteworthy artists in Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Soul.
Mar 18, 2020

The Ravenous Creativity of Marica Petrey’s Girl Swallows Nightingale

Vocalist and songwriter Marica Petrey is too young to have experienced mind-blowing Bay Area art-rock bands like Idiot Flesh and Sleepytime Gorrila Museum, but...
Jan 22, 2020

Black London, Bringing ‘Voodoo’ Back to the East Bay

Lamentations about the wounds inflicted by gentrification can start to sound like a broken record, a repetitive refrain cursing ill effects without offering much...
Jan 8, 2020

Out In the Reeds With Beth Custer

When people lament the passing of the weird, old San Francisco, Trance Mission isn't necessarily what they have in mind, but the singular ensemble...
Dec 10, 2019

Legendary Country Guitar Player Bobby Black Goes Hawaiian

Like many fellow citizens on the mainland, Bobby Black fell in love with the steel guitar listening to Hawaii Calls, an island-centric radio variety...