.Alex Weber

Aug 5, 2010

Oakland Launches New Broadway Shuttle

A gaggle of beaming representatives from the City of Oakland, AC Transit, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and local business coalitions gathered...
Jul 28, 2010

Richmond Can’t Decide What to Do About Pot

A new law passed by the Richmond City Council authorizing an unlimited number of medical cannabis dispensaries appears to conflict with prior legal injunctions...
Jul 22, 2010

Will Richmond Close Its Pot Clubs Before Its New Law Goes Into Effect?

A new ordinance passed by the Richmond City Council this week that legalizes the sale of medical marijuana may be in direct conflict with...
Jul 20, 2010

The Walnut Creek Mehserle Shout Fest

Yesterday's much-hyped pro-Johannes-Mehserle rally turned out a group of vocal, feisty folks on both sides of the issue - and it mostly degenerated into...
Jun 30, 2010

Oakland Police Search Without Warrants

On a gloomy recent morning in West Oakland, tenants at the David Gray Building — or, Off-Ramp Studios, as everyone who lives there calls...
Jun 10, 2010

Best of the East Bay Party Will Rage on August 6

Clear your calendars now: the waterfront at Jack London Square will transform into party central on Friday, August 6, when the East Bay Express...
Jun 2, 2010

Bay Area May Adopt Greenhouse-Gas Standards

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District will decide today whether or not to adopt landmark greenhouse-gas emission standards for local construction projects. The...
May 26, 2010

The Right Time for a School Bond?

Trying to pass a $380 million school bond measure during the deepest recession since the 1930s may appear optimistic at best and loony at...