.Alan Chazaro

Feb 16, 2022

Community and QR Codes: Hueman’s ‘Homebody’ is a return to human connectivity through reality-augmented...

“This is about the collective experience we’ve had in isolation. We’ve all experienced and held this trauma together, this weight and anxiety. I wanted...
Dec 1, 2021

The Streets Stay Talking: Oakland’s pandemic street art, one year later

When I first reported on the artists and murals emerging from Oakland during the summer of 2020—as Covid surged at apocalyptic rates and outraged...
Nov 10, 2021

‘Cook Together, Eat Together’: LaRussell’s latest album harkens back to Bay Area tradition while...

“I like this, LaRussell—this dope. It got a good swing to it, very soulful,” says Bay Area ambassador Earl Stevens.  Even though he just announced...
Oct 13, 2021

It’s Easy: Filipino rapper Nump enters cannabis delivery service

From carrying his own cannabis brand, “Nump’s Smackers Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich” and Sideshow Tone’s FHUF Suckaz, to providing all sorts of other cannabis, Bolo CBD, edible, pre-rolled and indica goodies like “Grape Pie” and “Grape Sorbet,” Perfetto lives up to his promise made back in 2005: He really has grapes. And, perhaps more importantly, he’s doing it as a proud Bay Area Pinoy.
Aug 25, 2021

Capturing the Essence: Anshil Popli’s ‘Wild Wild West’ both commemorates and elegizes the complicated...

"In his debut book, 'Wild Wild West', Popli provides a window into the diverse micro-cultures and lifestyles throughout the Bay—with a particular interest in rap and street life. His photos are most notable for how they capture the underground elements and raw truths of Northern California’s cities, particularly among marginalized communities that are often stigmatized by mainstream media and institutional policing. He’s celebrated for his work with local icons like Koran Streets, White Dave, sndtrak, Big Spence and many others."
Jun 23, 2021

Spitting Game

Alan Chazaro sits down the rhyme artists Jwalt and Nito to discuss the history of Bay Area rap as well as how they are forging a new future for the genre as representatives of Gen Z's contribution to the form.