Theater & Performance

Cold Comfort

Swanwhite is both a dissection of the conventions of romantic love and a testament to the hoped-for "love that transcends death."

Pillow Fight

Iizuka's lively play is like a pillow book itself, its pages turning to show surprising new dimensions and revelations.

Taking Comedy to the Farce Side

Most people sitting down to watch Comedy want to laugh, and theres a lot here to laugh at.

Venus & Me

As sensitive as Aeschylus and Euripedes were to the plight of women, they weren't ready to write stuff like this.

The Ballad of Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum

Somewhere in the world, on any night, someone is performing a G&S operetta. This weekend that honor falls to The Lamplighters

Foam and Fantasy

Calling her work "Object Animation," Liebe Wetzel is making the world safe for inanimate objects

Blood Sport

1600 Transylvania Avenue

Oh, Brother!

Orphans is My Fair Lady acted out in some parallel universe

Ice Age at Cal Shakes

The Skin of Our Teeth and The Merry Wives of Windsor

Room with a View

"Running Under the Radar," though it may be, Transparent Theater could help make "Off- Addison" a real cultural destination.

Collateral Damage

Eurpides' epic tales of Agamemnon begin with Iphigenia
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