Savage Love

Calling Their Bluff

I'm a heterosexual cis woman in a monogamous marriage. My husband and I have...

One of ‘Those’ Professors

I'm a fortysomething gay male professor at a small college. I try hard not...

Keeping My Sissy Happy

My boyfriend and I met online to explore our kinks. We'd both been in...

How do I avoid the guy who raped my...

I am male. A close female friend was raped by an old acquaintance of...

Don’t Touch Me Vibes

I'm a mid-20s straight woman, and there's a pattern in my life that I'm...

Cheaters Club

I am a guy in my 40s, handsome, more financially successful than most, and...

Love Is Forever (Unless It’s Not)

I'm a Seattle local who basically grew up reading your column. I think you've...

The Metrics of Swinging

We brought Savage Love Live to the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, the Barrymore...

Bad Guys

I met a guy right around the time my boyfriend dumped me. I met...

Not Your Problem

I'm a 35-year-old bisexual man in a LTR with a man. My question, however,...

What’s a Parent to Do?

My son has always liked handcuffs and tying people up as a form of...

Open Wide

My roommate is a gay man who is into getting fisted. A lot. We...

Physical Ideals

I don't listen to your podcast religiously, but as soon as I told my...

Come the Revolution

I'm a straight woman and have been sexually active for about six years. I'm...
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