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Essential Simplicity: Meredith Monk premieres new compositions to the...

Monk says her relationship to time was altered by the pandemic. “Yeah, I’ve had to learn to be more patient. It’s been a meditation on patience,” she says, then laughs. “It’s been step-by-step. Part of the discipline is that you don’t lose the thread of the piece when so much time goes by. I’ve always said I’m a patient person underlying it all, but in the short term, moment-to-moment, I’ve been speedier. Now, I’m learning to be patient, period. Otherwise, it’s not going to be accomplished.”

Escaping Into Horror: In his new novel, James Han...

Mattson provides a galvanizing setup for 'Reprieve'. Each of the five cells at Quigley House is occupied by gore-covered actors, who are permitted to hit, punch and spatter muck on the visitors, who are sometimes allowed to retaliate. The first contestant to use the safe word, “reprieve,” loses the chance to take $60,000 home with them. The owners claim to have made at least one payout.

Free Will Astrology: Week of October 20

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Even the wisest among us are susceptible to being fascinated...

Angélique Kidjo returns to Berkeley as Cal Performances’ first...

Kidjo insisted that original truth is inseparable from our humanity. “Why do people listen to music?” she asked. “Sometimes you don’t understand what is said in a song, but it speaks to you. That is a power that we artists have to be careful using, because it is something that is bigger than us. It’s more powerful than us. We have to be humble to hold that power in, and to be able to give it."

The Best Casino Sites for Playing Real Money Casino...

Online casinos come and go, and with so many of them, it can be...

Full Metal Junket

Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel combines bloody combat with sexual intrigue, smashingly Ridley Scott’s The...

Free Will Astrology: Week of October 13

ARIES (March 21-April 19): According to my understanding of the upcoming weeks, life will...

‘Blood on the Fog’: Tongo Eisen-Martin’s latest book of...

Double-jointedness is a terrific way to describe Eisen-Martin’s poetry and literary practices. Especially in his most recent collection, Blood on the Fog (City Lights Books), the 39 poems dedicated to his mother, Arlene Eisen, arrive with mind-bending, multi-directional force: blistering heat, visceral energy, judicious reserve, gentleness, humor, lucidity and more.

Danger for Sale: A few things to look for...

Haynes’ latest film, 'The Velvet Underground', rates special handling because the Velvets were simultaneously more dangerous and more attractive than the rest. The new film is a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic, split-screen, rapid-montage, black-and-white documentary exercise in disorienting adulation, so thick with allusions that it would take a list to piece together the splintered impressions.

It’s Easy: Filipino rapper Nump enters cannabis delivery service

From carrying his own cannabis brand, “Nump’s Smackers Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich” and Sideshow Tone’s FHUF Suckaz, to providing all sorts of other cannabis, Bolo CBD, edible, pre-rolled and indica goodies like “Grape Pie” and “Grape Sorbet,” Perfetto lives up to his promise made back in 2005: He really has grapes. And, perhaps more importantly, he’s doing it as a proud Bay Area Pinoy.

Los Tangueros del Oeste: The sensuous grooves of Argentina,...

Los Tangueros came together four years ago. They honed their sound playing clubs, concert halls and milongas—tango dance parties that take place every night of the week. El Valenciano, in the Mission District, has hosted a weekly milonga for more than 20 years. When everything came to a halt during the pandemic, Jacobsen decided to use his time to produce 'Alma Vieja' (Old Soul,) the band’s debut album.

Free Will Astrology: Week of October 6

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Aries poet Anna Kamieńska said her soul didn’t emanate light....

The Many Lives of Rita Moreno: Veteran performer reflects...

“What happened is something that hadn’t really crossed my mind or that of the director—is how relevant this documentary is,” she said. “It is so connected to right now and in a terrible way, because things have changed and they have not changed. That is what is so maddening.”

Sketches of Spain…And other eye-opening offerings from the East...

Legendary comic artist R. Crumb recalls that when he and Rodriguez started out, 'Comics were held in utter contempt by the educated upper class'—a fact that evidently spurred former outlaw biker and art-school student Rodriguez to épater les bourgeois. Says 'Maus' author, Art Spiegelman, 'The avant-garde was not following the commercial rules' with its lurid sex and violence. 'He [Rodriguez] always punched up,' declares writer Ishmael Reed. According to performer/columnist Susie Bright: 'Spain is a trickster and a classic satirical artist.' Cartoonist Ed Piskor credits Rodriguez with 'opening the doors to today’s graphic novels' with his classically trained drawings."
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