Armageddon Exhibit A: “Smell Yo Dick”

It couldn't be ... yes, it is


Cheers to 2008, for it has brought us something we never thought possible: a catchy, radio-friendly R&B/hip-hop ditty called “Smell Yo Dick.” The story goes like this: if you suspect your man is sleeping around on you, all you gotta do is smell his dick! The chorus follows thusly: Why you comin’ home at five in the mornin’ / Somethin’s goin’ on, can I smell yo dick?. Riskay coos sweetly, but firmly enough to suggest she will sniff that dick. Guest rappers and embattled lovers Aviance and Real trade their sides of the story while that irresistible “smell yo dick” hook bounces in the ether … until Riskay brings it back home, again and again. True beauty, and a sure sign that American pop-culture is either enlightened or doomed. Watch the video here or follow the jump for the embedded footage.