Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?


Albany Middle School teacher Kay Sorg has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a student over a four year span in the early ’90s, the Albany Police Department reported this morning in a press release. Following a six-month investigation into her involvement with a former teenage student, the science teacher has been booked into an Oakland detention center on thirteen felony charges including “oral copulation” and “sexual penetration” with a minor victim. Bail has been set at $150,000. So far, no other students have alleged assault. Who is Sorg, and what kind of reputation does she have among students? To find out, we turned to an absolute, uh, authority on the topic: the Web site Rate My Teachers. The ten ratings “Sorgy” has been given from February 2004 through this past March revealed some interesting tidbits:

One student considered her easy:
“One of the best teachers i’ve ever had! [… ] she grades completly fairly, lots of teachers don’t give A+’s even if u earn it but she gave me my first A+ in my life! and if u study for her tests they are super easy to pass. and it’s really hard to fail her class because even if u have a 50% at the end of the quater u still get a D- instead of an F. i am so happy i got her as a teacher!”

Another highlighted her ethics:
“even though she thought i cheated on a test anf gave me zero, she’s sorgy cool!

And just one comment included a reference to sex – regarding plants, that is:
“sorgy is v. cool! but her TESTS ARE REALLY HARD (and I’m a B student)…. she does talk about interesting stuff like the *** organs of plants (petals)”

Perhaps she might do well to seek advice from the bevy of other female teachers who have been charged with having sex with minor students? In fact, it’s become such an oft-reported crime that perhaps the city of Albany is now more typically suburban than ever. Still, according to a compelling article on the Web site of ABC News , women comprise only a small proportion of teachers who harass or abuse their students: “Men make up just 15 percent of all teachers, yet are responsible for two-thirds of all abuse.”