A Valentine’s Day Plea: C’mon, Fingers, Phone Home!


Cynics, rejoice! Not everyone is searching for love (or trying to, ah, make it) on Valentine’s Day�at least one local woman is searching for her children’s biological father, as evidenced by this tearjerker of a Craig’s List ad:

    “I have looked and looked and I hear your [sic] somewhere in Richmond…and although we have had the same home phone for 10 or so years…you still have failed to try to contact your little girl “Bri”. Even though she doesn’t know you, she cries for you…and It’s about time you step up and let her know that she has a biological father out there somewhere….don’t you care????”

So if anyone knows the guy the poster identifies as Victor Edward Burnett, Jr�a.k.a. “Fingers”�tell him to pick up the phone. Today (says the non-cynic in us) would be nice.